The combination of CNC programming and high wattage lasers provides a unique combination of precision, speed and versatility that cannot be matched by any other technique. We offer 2 CNC Lasers, which can cut many different types of Material with no TOOLING cost.

The state of the art CAD/CAM system is used to program and store the files for the CNC Lasers and the CNC Turret. This software will optimize tool paths for optimal travel time and cost.

• High cutting speed
• Eliminates the use of dies
• Waste reduction through more efficient nesting
• Fast turnaround
• Cost effective over a large range of production quantities, including prototyping

• High accuracy & consistency
• Tolerance typically 2.5% of material thickness to minimum of 0.005"
• Cuts with intricate features are easily achievable

• Cutting of materials with a wide range of hardness’s
• Soft tooling enables rapid turnaround of design changes

• No mechanical force is applied
• Flat products with minimal material deformation
• High-quality cut for better fit and product appearance
• Oxide-free cut edge on stainless steel
• Eliminate process variability due to tool wear